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The Eagle & The Squirrel
  • The Eagle & The Squirrel


    Deep in the forest, a tiny squirrel frolicks in the trees and a powerful eagle traverses the skies. The two may not seem like they have much in common, but this story serves to prove that no matter how large or small, all people (and animals!) are capable of helping one another. Enjoy this heartwarming tale of a meek squirrel who manages to save the haughty eagle from a hunter's trap!


    • Script
    • Squirrel stuffed toy
    • Fur texture pad
    • Eagle image board
    • Feather
    • Tree image board
    • Squirrel image board
    • Eagle popsicle stick
    • Speech bubble
    • Netting
    • Triangle instrument
    • White plastic teeth
    • Maraca
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