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A Big Day at the Book Festival

Updated: Jul 2

Readability had a fantastic time at the Children's Book & Literary Festival in DC this past weekend! We set up our display at Woodrow Wilson Plaza around 9 AM as families began to file in. Joanna, Noor, and Sophia loved introducing dozens of parents and children to our collection of multi-sensory books and the resources our program provides for neurodivergent children. In addition, we were thrilled to connect with various other organizations including the Washington Nationals baseball team and Turning the Page!

A highlight of the day occurred at 3 PM, when our board members took the stage to deliver a multi-story entitled "I Can't, We Can"! Our young audience members were delighted to feel the rough texture of rainforest grass, listen to the light chirping of a parrot, and sniff the delectable aroma of a fresh mango, all while Joanna delivered the verbal portion of the story. The performance was met with cheerful applause from our audience.

The event concluded at 5 PM. All in all, it was a beautiful day on Pennsylvania Avenue!

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