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A Fun Afternoon at the Old Firehouse

On April 27, Readability spent the afternoon at the Old Firehouse, a community center for children and teenagers in Fairfax County, Virginia. Our organization collaborated with the Old Firehouse for their Sensory Day celebration, which took place over an afternoon filled with sensory-stimulating activities for intellectually disabled children. Readability set up camp in a quiet room, where dozens of children enjoyed five different multi-sensory stories over the course of three hours.

After engaging in the many exhilarating crafts and games that were offered throughout the community center, many children found our storytelling sessions to be the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind after all the excitement. "A Pirate Adventure" proved to be one of our most popular stories of the afternoon, as visible in the image above. Children were invited to touch a glittering treasure chest, admire a gruff-looking pirate, and listen to the sound of his squawking parrot sidekick.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent at the Old Firehouse and hope to return again for Sensory Day next year!

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