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Shining Brighter Together with Montgomery Parks!

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, Readability made its first public appearance at the “Shine Brighter Together” event hosted by Montgomery Parks this past Saturday. This annual celebration, dedicated to providing sensory-stimulating activities and resources to neurodivergent individuals and their families, saw over four hundred attendees over the course of three hours.

Readability set up camp upon the pavilion, where dozens of children enjoyed four different multi-sensory stories cheerfully led by President Sophia Campbell, Vice President Noor Frisby, and Secretary Eva Veizis. Each individual child was given the opportunity to interact and engage with every sensory prop as the stories were told. Nimble fingers fluttered curiously over texture boards and tapped at xylophones, while contented ears enjoyed the auditory stimulation of maracas and triangle instruments.

Children were also invited to play with our wide variety of props during the breaks between each story, free to explore the sensory experience at their own pace. Readability was thrilled to see many repeat attendees to storytimes over the course of the half-day event. Ultimately, it proved to be a very successful Saturday afternoon at Wheaton Regional Park!

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